1. US government-issued photo ID and SS# or ITIN#.
  2. Three months of history with your current employer or current source of income.
  3. Deposits totaling at least $1,000 per month into a checking account that has been open for 90 days or more.
  4. No NSFs, excessive overdrafts, or negative balances on your current checking account.

You can be approved for leasable items valued at $500 to $5,000.

Once you’ve made your initial payment in-store, future payments are automatically deducted directly from your checking account.

Once delivery has been confirmed and you are in possession of your merchandise, your first lease payment will be scheduled to fall in line with your next pay date.

No problem. The online application allows for more than one income source to be included.

  • Price + $10 payment processing fee (Acima Cash Price is equal to the Lease Amount).
  • Early Buyout Option allows you to pay a discounted portion (usually 75% of the remaining payments owed) in one lump sum at any time after the first 90 days of the agreement.
  • 12-Month Lease allows you to pay off the lease over a 12-month term without buyout fees or penalties.

You may own the property after renting it for 12 months. However, you are only required to make the next renewal payment as long as you wish to keep the property.

You own the property once you have met any of the above early payoff options, or if you elect to make all of your renewal payments for 12 months.

The cost to acquire ownership depends on whether or not you exercise one of the early buyout options. The 90-Day Option will cost you $10. The Early Buyout Option allows you to pay a discounted portion (usually 75% of the remaining payments owed) in one lump sum at any time after the first 90 days of the agreement. If you choose to pay off the lease over the 12-month lease term you will pay approximately two times the invoice amount.

You are only required to make your first renewal payment and may return the property at any time thereafter. If you wish to return the property, you may contact Acima to be provided with further instructions.

Yes, you can conveniently access your account online to view your current lease details or make a payment. Simply visit customer.acimacredit.com to get started.

Acima now reports to Experian!

SNAP specializes in financing those who have bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, or other challenges with their credit. Applicants receive instant approval or denial. Once approved, applicants will have the ability to use their Snap virtual card by phone.

Applicants will receive their prepaid Discover Card by mail with amount on it to spend. Processing Fee & Initial Payment due upon purchase. SNAP only allows once active lease at a time.

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Income of at least $1000 monthly
  3. Checking account

12 months financing of up to $3000

Progressive does not charge an application fee or processing fee. Your initial payment will be withdrawn from your credit or debit card immediately after the lease is executed, but it is the first of your lease payments and is part of the total cost of the lease. If you are not approved, you will not be charged anything.

Approval amounts vary based on credit history. Payments will be deducted automatically from your bank account or charged to your card. Charges will appear on your statement as Progressive Leasing or Prog Lease, not the store where you selected your merchandise.

“No Credit Needed” means that you don’t necessarily need to have any credit history or a credit score to be approved for a lease.  Most lease agreements are set up as a 12-month lease term but may be longer depending on the retailer.

  1. Social Security number or ITIN

  2. Credit card or debit card

  3. Checking account & routing number

  4. Government issued photo ID

  5. Be 18 years or older