Window Tinting

This has been our specialty since we began in 2010 as Performance Window Tinting.  We have perfected our craft and expanded into a shop with much more. But, our quality remains consistent in automotive installation.  You can choose from our selection of Polyester, Carbon or Nanoceramic films to meet your needs for privacy and protection.

Wheels & Tires

Whether its for function or play we will have the perfect set of wheels to compliment your car.  Need tires too? No sweat! We’ve got you covered. We are the home of Vossen Wheels in Mississippi as the only authorized dealer in the state.  And our selection simply begins there. We can get many different brands, styles and sizes to fit the look you’re going for.

Custom & Factory Parts

A unique look and inspired design can be all yours with a new part or accessory.  Here at PWT Customz, we install custom add-ons or help you to restore your vehicle back to its factory appeal.  We offer dipping and painting for calipers, grilles, emblems and more. You can upgrade the current features of your car with LED or HID headlights to brighten your view.

We Are Great At What We Do

All of our services are Customz made.  So much so that it’s hard to place a limit on what we cannot do.  From exterior ghost lighting to adding permanent wheel decals, many of our customization services are at the request of the customer.  That’s why we’re the “People With Talent.” The services listed are just a few, of many, to give you a closer look into what we can do.


Core Services

  • Window Tinting

  • Custom Wheels

  • Specialty Lighting

  • Painted Calipers

  • Dipped Wheels

What They Say About Us

“I’ve used them for all of my vehicles and would recommend them. They do a great job and very professional.”

Betty NewellCustomer

“PWT always takes care of their customers. I have taken multiple cars plus recommended all my friends. Never been disappointed!”

Shivam D’hunnaCustomer

“Best customer service hands down. PWT is  a well established business with employees who are well trained and they all go the extra mile to give the customer the satisfaction they desire. Nothing but great things to say about this business. Highly recommend them.”

Will RogersCustomer

“Walked into to get a quote. The employee pointed at my car and asked if “I was in the Z.” I drive an 86′ and for the employee to immediately spot a Z car and knew what it was – earned my business. I appreciate a business that can spot these cars.”

Brian HunterCustomer